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October 17, 2019by Andy Aguirre

Product Review:
Pulse Environmental Monitor

Being able to effectively monitor and control your garden’s environment is one of the most crucial challenges facing any indoor home grower. Over the years we’ve tried a few dif. approaches and products but felt that we were always responding to issues and environmental changes in a reactive fashion, rather than in a  proactive and preventive way. This year we decided to try out the Pulse Monitor. A smart environmental monitor that can Improve your grow with remote monitoring of temperature, relative humidity, light, and VPD. This nifty device can allow you to set custom alerts and notifications, includes integrated journaling, and connects to your WIFI network so you can monitor your grow from anywhere at anytime from the web based app. While it is not the most affordable option for a new entry level grower, the $199 price tag is well worth it for the serious home grower who is looking to dial in their grow space and take their yields and quality to the next level. Setup was a breeze and after having the opportunity to use the Pulse in the garden over the past few months I can say that it has paid for itself already through it’s ability to track environmental changes and patterns, notify me of issues before they cause any real damage, and allowing me to dial in the environment of my grow space.

Check out it out for yourself here:

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